Your Guide To Selecting The Best Jade In New Zealand
Feb 10 2022 0

Your Guide To Selecting The Best Jade In New Zealand

When selecting jade in new zealand it can be tempting to simply pick the stone that you find prettiest. While this certainly works if you only care about the aesthetic value of the stone, if quality or other factors will sway your decision, make sure you read this guide before making your purchase.

What Makes Jade In New Zealand So Special?

In local culture, this stunning green gemstone holds special spiritual properties that make it extra valuable. Traditionally known as pounamu, natural jade in new zealand can only be collected from thw south island and has been used for centuries to craft jewellery, weapons and tools as a status symbol, while also often signifying a peace agreement.

What Factor Should Be Considered When Buying Jade In New Zealand?


The Colouring is one of the most important things that you’ll want to consider when buying jade in new zealand. Known for their rich, green tones, these stones can actually come in a whole host of colours, however, those with deep green colouring are generally considered the best quality.


Another thing to consider is the density of the pigment (also known as transparancy) within the jade in new zealand that you are considering purchasing. Those which are semi-transparent are often considered the most valuable, however, if an opaque stone takes your fancy, as long as it is of an appropriate grade (more on that below) there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy your new stone at a lower price.


Jade in New Zealand

A lot of jade in new zealand will have undergone treatment to enhance its colour and clarity. This can compromise the integrity of the stone and lead to more breakage. Because of this, the grade is one of the most important factors to consider. Type A stones are completely natural and showcase their natural beauty, Type B stones may have been coated, bleached or filled and Type C stones are those which have undergone significant treatment to enhance their appearance. As a general rule, you’ll want to stick to Type A jade in new zealand as the more natural the product, the longer it will last.


The cut of any stone that you buy will be dependent on the quality and integrity of the stone. If a piece is crafted from a single piece of jade in new zealand, you can generally assume that you are getting a rather high quality stone. If many smaller stones have been fastened together, however, and the reason for this is not immediately clear (preferred aesthetic, intricate design, etc) you may be getting a lower grade piece. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it can make your purchase a lot more budget friendly, but it should still be considered when selecting a stone.


The clarity of jade in new zealand is often quite good, but it is still worth checking the rating on the stone that you are considering purchasing. Look into pricing in the area and consider where you will receive a fair deal for the highest clarity possible within your budget.


Finally, if you want the highest quality pieces, with cultural significance and care wrapped up in the design, you’ll be best of selecting only stones which have been harvested locally. This may seem like a strange point to include, but, like all goods, many companies do import these fabulous green gemstones so it’s important to always check.

Now that you know what to consider when selecting jade in new zealand, all that’s left to do is go find the perfect piece – enjoy!

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