Why New Homes Will Integrate a Hydrotite System
Dec 7 2021 0

Why New Homes Will Integrate a Hydrotite System

New property developments are wise to introduce a hydrotite system to protect the structural integrity of the premises. While they will be assets that are out of sight and out of mind, they will be doing the necessary work to reduce cracking and infrastructure breaks. This is a chance to examine the benefits of their inclusion.

Flexible Placement Opportunities

Homeowners will be delighted with the introduction of a hydrotite system given the range of possibilities that they have with placement opportunities. This is important when clients consider the risks of water exposure that can infiltrate any domain of the household, whether that is situated underground, in the roof or elsewhere on location. Commercial practitioners will introduce these utilities across reservoirs, pipe penetrations, tunnels, treatment plants, basements and swimming pools, so there is a strong degree of versatility when it comes to the positioning of the asset.

Easy to Integrate

New homeowners that want to consider the benefits of a hydrotite system will be thankful that contractors don’t have to deal with any complications with the design. The self-adhesive application makes for a simple process for specialists as they install the utility in a position that will absorb water in vulnerable locations. There are no added components or challenging fitting provisions in these examples, saving the contractor time and money that they can pass onto the client.

Extensive Lifespan


New households want to ensure that the foundations they put in place on day one will still be paying dividends years into the future. This is where the hydrotite system pays for itself, offering families years and years of use before a replacement ever has to be considered. Once it absorbs water, it will contract and return to its original makeup. This is a process that can be repeated time and time again, adding more value to the package each cycle.

Safe Materials

One of the benefits of introducing this kind of brand to a premises is due to the safe properties of the material, bypassing any concern that could lead to unwanted exposure. The design uses non toxic and non hazardous materials, allowing for a seamless development to take place around the property. If there are concerns about the type of components that are used around a property, then it is worthwhile approaching builders and installation experts to see if this is a product they have at their disposal.

Tangible Sealing Assurances

The hydrotite system is the best friend to concrete joints during times of water exposure. Once it has come into contact with moisture, the design will naturally expand to seal and secure the space in question. There are other utilities in this market that are open for clients to use, but this is a brand that manages to deliver when it really counts for constituents. In turn, there won’t be the same degree of cracking and structural interference as there would be, saving families thousands of dollars.

Customised Product Selection

Shoppers who are in the market for a hydrotite system don’t have to settle for a one-size-fits-all solution. Participants will be presented with the DSS0220 model and alternatives that are showcased through the CJ1030-4M, CJ1020-2K and CJ0725-3K designs. This is a great way to work with construction joint specifications, paying for a utility that meets the profile of the environment.


Domestic buyers don’t have to wait for cracks to appear on the premises before they take action. This is why the hydrotite system will be such a valuable asset for the property, giving consumers peace of mind even during the heaviest of rainfall seasons.

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