What is plan management
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What is plan management?

Just as one needs a legitimate and professional accountant to manage their finances, making the right choice of plan management allows one to make the most of your NDIS budget. From choosing the right plan to controlling and managing your budget, these are some of the benefits of a managed NDIS plan.

Suppose you are just learning about the NDIS and plan management NDIS is the acronym for National Disability Insurance Scheme. As the name implies, what the scheme does is provide relief or support to help people with disabilities manage their bills. And you will be assigned “a plan manager” to guide you through the process and help you make an informed decision.

So, what are the benefits of Plan Management?

Unless one wants to turn a blind eye to reality, virtually everyone can see the struggles that people with disabilities go through. As such, it only makes sense that they get all the support they can get from both individuals and the government. The idea of plan management is to make them live an independent life — where they won’t have to live off people or have to beg for the basic things of life. In addition to living an independent life, the NDIS in Australia is also designed to make people with one form of disabilities or the other live comfortable and confident life.

A little research online shows you that virtually every country around the world has something similar to the NDIS plan to cater to the needs to the needs of people that are struggling with disabilities.

The NDIS offers three types of plans one can choose from — you have three options of plan management to choose from, and they include agency-managed, plan-managed, and self-managed.

NDIS plan management: What is it, and what are the benefits?

Plan management

The plan managed NDIS allows you access to your budget and freedom to manage and control it. However, the plan will provide you with someone to help you manage and also help you keep tabs on how you use the funds. As we mentioned earlier, that person is known as a plan manager, and part of their duties is to help you file and help you claim your NDIS budget.

Contrary to what most people think about plan management, you don’t have to pay the plan manager from your pockets — NDIS will provide you with extra funds to cater for their services. All you need to get a plan manager is to be on the NDIS plan, and you are set to go. In addition to all we have mentioned so far, other duties or responsibilities of the plan manager includes:

  • Helping you make the right choice of plan management — helping you choose the plan that suits your specific needs.
  • They can also help you engage with NDIS customer support to negotiate your budget.

Think about it, having a plan manager dealing with the administrative work needed to access your budget leaves you with ample time to experience the fullness of life. And since you have a professional handling the job, you can sleep with both eyes closed — knowing you have someone with your best interest at heart manning your plan.

Rounding off

Other benefits of having a plan manager include saving you the stress of paper works, tracking invoices, and monitoring your bills and budget. All of these improve the effectiveness of NDIS plan management. On the other hand, agency managed plan means getting a recognized third-party agency to manage your budget, while self-management means taking on the responsibilities yourself. However, you have to be deemed capable of the role by a representative of the NDIS.

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