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This is How you Make your Trip to Supermarket Eco-Friendly

You consider going to the supermarket a mundane job, where you wander thoughtlessly, picking up the usual, and at times putting your hand on something that is intriguing. But have you ever observed what your loaded cart is of use to the environment? As global warming, growing population and scarcity of the natural resources is looming over our heads, it is a must for us to be aware of our environment and sustain it accordingly.

Now being environmental friendly does not in any way indicate that you have to change your entire lifestyle, just tiny changes could have massive effects on the environment and on an individual. One of these can be turning environmentally conscious while shopping in the supermarket.

You keep hearing on how to not use plastic and throw it in the landfills, or to use reusable water bottles etc. But you might be surprised that changing your buying habits or buying certain stuff can make a huge difference too.


Check out these environmental friendly things to buy in the supermarket when open;

  • Amaranth

Not many of you have heard about it, but amaranth is an ancient kind pseudo-grain and is also known to be the cousin of quinoa and an amazing source for complete protein. It’s a plant that’s resilient and can be grown in different types of soil conditions, which requires less water. Moreover, it is loaded with minerals, vitamin B and fiber.


  • Bamboo tools for kitchen

Bamboo is said to absorb 35% of carbon dioxide, which is comparatively more than trees and can even thrive without using pesticides. So opting for bamboo rather than other materials is a no brainer for improving the environment. Supermarkets today have great collections of bamboo cutting boards, cooking utensils and even tea towels.


  • Fair trade products

Any item that says ‘fair trade’ gives the guarantee of being made in a justifiable manner and fair conditions. The protection of environment also lies in the fair trade practices done by the producers and is even the key element to sustain it. When the items are fair trade, it indicates that manufacturers made sure that local environment and workers are treated in a respectful manner with very less negative impact. Chocolate, tea, coffee, sugar and cotton are among the few fair trade prevalent products found in the supermarket.


  • Figs

You might have not thought of this to be in the list, but this is the crop which is great and naturally sustainable. Their trees easily thrive in sunny and dry weather, do well in poor quality soil, and also needs less water unlike others (almond).  Trees of fig are naturally resilient and hardy, which means less pesticides and herbicides usage in its production. Not only are they sustained in surrounding which is inhospitable, but also provide shelters to animals and cool down the habitat nearby!


  • Organic Tofu

This happens to be a great alternative for meat products of high emission and an eco-friendly way ahead. The soy beans need less water and less feed, and it also ensures that synthetic chemicals or GMO crops are not being involved in the making.

We need to take care of the coming generation by inculcating these habits at home, and maintain an eco-friendly atmosphere by doing so.




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