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The Myth Of Corporate Flu Shot Providers

Corporate flu shot providers are the people you need to save your business, a big statement but one to remember. Forget about motivational talks, team building days or treating employees with respect and paying them what they deserve. That won’t have the same impact as these every day heroes, or con men, depending on what way you’d like to look at it. They say that not all heroes were capes, well not all con men dress in black.

Every year thousands of companies give their employees the chance to go to corporate flu shot providers in the hope that it reduces absenteeism in the workplace due to influenza, an ever-mutating infection that can come in several different forms. They tell you this shot will keep you fighting fit during the year and that if it does attack, your immune system will be unable to cope unless you receive a vaccination.  However, for those between the ages of 18-65, who live healthy active lives there is no need to be succumbing to any pressure to go to one of these corporate flu shot providers. Eating a balanced diet, exercising a few days a week while getting the necessary amount of rest is something that will see you through the year with minimum of fuss. The health industry would like to convince you otherwise in the search of more money but a vaccine for this infection is just not necessary.



To protect yourself, corporate flu shot providers will convince you that they are injecting you with a tiny strain of the virus and this will go a long way to reducing the days you will miss work, of course not taking into account, how many people miss work due to more than just about of influenza.

Corporate flu shot providers will do a lot more for the company too. For the multinationals that have hundreds sitting in the same building, they can provide the marketing material to ensure everyone knows they have the chance to register. They’ll also do some reporting on those that do turn up and provide this information for upper management to look at. They can become a key part of a company’s analytics system looking at the workforce and the days they miss and why. There will be nowhere to hide, Big Brother is watching you.


Corporate flu shot providers will convince you they are keeping your workforce safe, but there is evidence out there that they don’t provide. Evidence that will cut into their profits. This evidence shines a light on the benefits of staying away from vaccines, especially one as inconsequential as this one. A heathy lifestyle can go a long way to preventing any about of influenza or the common cold. While vitamins can also keep you fighting fit. If you are normally fit and healthy, the chances are that you’ll recover that bit quicker too.

Corporate flu shot providers are looking to make some money. That is the end of it, the more money they make the happier they are, this makes sense for any business, of which they are no different. They try to educate as many people as possible why getting this vaccine is for the greater good. They use scare tactics around the statistics outlining how easy it is for germs to be passed from colleague to colleague. They will tell you that your children will bring home some more germs to attack you too. Corporate flu shot providers will convince you that life won’t go on without this vaccine. This obviously isn’t the case and should be remembered next time they come to your workplace.


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