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The Good And Bad Of Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf in Sydney can be the stuff of dreams or what nightmares are made of depending on what sport you are playing. When you jog out on that surface, a mixture of green blades and small black bits of rubber, you know in your mind what is coming. It is either going to a period of pure bliss where everything you want comes to fruition. The ball bounces as you thought it would, it rolls through to your teammate exactly as how you planned it and stays strong under foot meaning you can trust your footwork.

Either that or you know this consistency in synthetic turf in Sydney is going to leave you needing ice for the next few days. The surface has no give, as they say. When you fall there is no soft landing, you fall and the impact feels like a tackle. You get up groggy and play on knowing this is how your afternoon is going to pan out, fall, get up in pain and repeat. What’s worse than a fall? A Sliding fall. One where your knees, hips or elbows get dragged along the fake grass. You look down and there’s trickles of blood as your skin opens up. You can play through the pain now, fueled by adrenaline but the next morning will be a struggle to bend the affected area. Your clothes will stick to you, the affected area will look like it’s leaking and what’s most likely you’ll continually reopen the same wound in next weeks game. You’ll continue to play on synthetic turf in Sydney and all for the love of the game.

Synthetic turf in Sydney has its pro’s and con’s compared to playing on grass which can be seen below.



Playing on synthetic turf in Sydney means that you know your game will be played. There’s nothing worse than turning up on a cold winter’s morning, having made a conscious effort to stay in the night before and finding out your game is cancelled as the referee does a last-minute inspection of the grass pitch which is marginally muddier than last week. When you play on fake grass each week, the chances of this happening are slim to none.

Synthetic turf in Sydney is the perfect surface to play football. Firstly, it doesn’t have the unpredictably of playing on grass when you have no idea where the ball is going to bounce, how quick it’s going to travel and whether you’ll be able to keep your footing throughout the game. Grass pitches change each week depending on location, they are usually ill equipped to deal with several games every weekend and end up just being mud baths.

football field



Synthetic turf in Sydney is hard surface. It is one that is unforgiving especially if you are on the big side, the bigger the person, the harder the fall. Playing sports such as rugby, AFL or American Football on this kind of surface is a recipe for disaster. Only tackles you are on the receiving end of will feel twice as bad. You will feel the initial impact from the tackle and then another time as you hit the ground. It will leave you dazed and hobbling around for the rest of the game and probably the rest of the week. There is nothing fun about playing high impact sports on these surfaces.

Another negative of playing on synthetic turf in Sydney is the impact it takes on your bones and joints, just from running. Playing for years on this surface can leave your ankle and knee joints with a lot of pain much like that felt from running on concrete.


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