Take the Boring Out of Your Home with Bamboo on the Wall
Jan 6 2022 0

Take the Boring Out of Your Home with Bamboo on the Wall

Put bamboo on your walls to transfer your room from boring to brilliant.

Bamboo has a well-established reputation in home furnishings in everything from floor coverings, screens through to furniture pieces.

It is renowned for being a hardy, long lasting, versatile, and economic timber.

Just the feel and look of this material in a room spells tranquility and gives a relaxed vibe to any space.

So why not utilize bamboo’s unique and adaptable qualities and put it to work on your walls?

Here’s some great reasons to decorate with bamboo on the wall.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable-

Aside from being an extremely durable product to clad your home in, there is simply no more eco-friendly and sustainable interior decorating product than this. And given its sustainability, this means it is also economically viable.

All these traits carry over into the finished feel of a room once it has bamboo on its walls.

Naturally beautiful colour-

The natural finish of this material is, well, naturally beautiful. Its bright organic tones lift the appearance of any room whether it is being used as part of a processed board or in its original state with every grain and node on display.

It can also be treated in a variety of ways to maintain the original tropical feel of the wood but transformed into a palette for your walls that will blend in with any space.

Ease of installation-

Bamboo on wall

Whether it is half rounds, full poles, screening rolls or processed panels, the product is a breeze to install and given how lightweight it is, this makes the process of hanging and attaching it on walls simple.

Backing or internal wires keep all your bamboo on wall taught and neatly held together and it can be easily drilled and screwed into with fastenings or hung from backing wires.

It is easy to cut and trim to fit around door frames and power outlets and leaves a flush seamless appearance upon finish.

Great for bathrooms-

Bamboo can be grown in all climates from snow covered areas of the Asian continent through to the equatorial tropics.

This quality makes it ideal for spaces that are subject to large temperature changes such as undercover outdoor areas and specifically bathrooms.

Imagine the unique and relaxing feel you can achieve by a bamboo walled bathroom!

Inside outside, or outside inside-

Whether you are looking to bring the feel of the outdoors into your home, or whether you are looking to continue your theme into your outdoor space, there is sure to be a style, colour and design of bamboo wall covering that can help you achieve this.

Given how affordable and durable this product is, it makes it the ideal product to carry on a wholistic theme for your house from front to back.

Exotic or formal-

Bamboo wall coverings are the perfect final compliment to go along with exotic furnishings and floor coverings to totally transform a space from anything to subtly tranquil to wildly tropical.

Use its organic natural tones for a casual and bright informal setting or angle into the darker species or treated woods for a very sophisticated classic setting.

These are just some of the benefits of putting bamboo on your walls. As you can see the list could go on and is infinitely variable. With this material, the only limit is your imagination and being an environmentally sustainable and extremely affordable product, why not start experimenting today. You will soon discover the benefits and the value add that these finishes can bring to your home and you will soon be looking to cover your rooms and more.

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