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Stylish and Functional – Wrought Iron in Perth


One of the hardest parts about building and renovating is choosing what materials to use; here’s why wrought iron in Perth may be the solution you need.

If you’re planning on putting up a fence or railing, you may be aware of the wide range of materials that are on offer: aluminium, wrought iron, timber, glass etc. A wrought iron in Perth can make your decision easier. Seamlessly combining form and functionality, it’s a great choice for those looking to install a fence or railing either indoors or outdoors.


What is a wrought iron in Perth?

It is essentially a railing held up by a row of columns which are connected and spaced evenly apart. They are often used on landings and as fences. You’ll find them in residential, commercial and public spaces – they’re pretty popular (and they’ve been around for hundreds of years)!


The benefits of a wrought iron in Perth

Some of the many benefits of this material include:


Its slimline wire technology and smooth surface make it a stylish addition to almost any property. It especially suits those with a view, such as beachfront homes or vineyard cafés, where it allows viewers to see through the thin wires without blocking vision. A wrought iron in Perth can add elegance and a contemporary charm.

Requires little maintenance

The material is resistant to corrosion and both high and low temperatures, which makes it dynamic and versatile to work with. It is also exceptionally strong, durable, long-lasting and easy to clean (which is why it’s so popular in kitchens, factories and hospitals!).


Given its long life-span and the little maintenance that it requires, a wrought iron in Perth is a cost-effective building option. It typically costs less than 10% of the total project, which may make it a cheaper option compared to other materials. Purchasing materials of an inferior quality may cost you more in the long-run due to maintenance and eventual replacement costs.


Where to install them

Wrought Iron Fences

A wrought iron in Perth is highly versatile and can be implemented across a wide range of locations, just as you would with a regular system. It is recommended to use them for the following:

Pool fences

The railings look great as pool fencing; they allow you to enjoy the view of the pool without visual obstruction whilst providing a safe barrier for your kids and pets. This ensures that you can sit back and enjoy the beauty of your sparkling pool without worrying about someone falling in! It’s also a great material for outdoor use due to its low corrosion and temperature-resistant properties.


They also work really well as a barrier to put around your balcony, regardless of the balcony’s size. It has the visual effect of “widening up” the space so that your balcony appears larger. A wrought iron in Perth adds a modern twist to your property whilst allowing you to fully enjoy your view.


And of course, the railings look lovely when applied to staircases. The silver, clean appearance works well with white carpet, tiles and walls.


How it is installed

Installation typically takes place in 5 steps:

  1. Cut to the right length
  2. File the end to make it flat
  3. Drill base plate holes with a template
  4. Secure the rails to panel brackets using screws
  5. Anchor the rails to solid structures (like columns, walls, timber or metal posts).



A wrought iron in Perth is a stylish, durable and modern option for those looking to install a new fence or railing.

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