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Signs You Have Settled on an Ideal Hunter Valley Wedding Photographer

How to know when you have settled on your Hunter Valley wedding photographer who is perfect on every count?

Perhaps they present a clean image with an impressive catalogue?

Maybe they have the experience in the region and come highly recommended by past clients?

There are some keys signs that brides and grooms can assess when finding a practitioner in this environment, hoping to eliminate those operators who shortchange couples and fail to live up to expectations.


They Listen To Feedback

A Hunter Valley wedding photographer who listens to feedback is absolutely essential. Yes they will have their own opinions and strategies about the event, but they are a hired third party who are working on your behalf. If you want others included in group shots, ensure that they cater to those requests. If there are lighting concerns or issues with the dress, then ask for a different approach to incorporate what you want. An inability to listen is simply poor communication on their behalf, and it is behaviour that can lead to conflict and a poor end product.


They Are Not a Burden To Participants

A Hunter Valley wedding photographer who is burdensome to participants of the event are not to be trusted or forgiven. This is your day, not theirs. Those practitioners who are highly visible and whose footprint is plastered all over the day end up wearing people down with their demands and their sheer presence. The best operators in this field are rarely seen or heard, filtering into the background and capturing those moments that can be forgotten.


They Maximize The Location

From hot balloons to winery tours and sightseeing adventures out to Lake Saint Clair or the famous Hunter Valley Gardens, there is every opportunity for your Hunter Valley wedding photographer to maximise the location. This part of Australia is a hot spot for destination ceremonies and it is in large part due to the iconic natural environment and range of activities that can be enjoyed. Taking snapshots here in the Hunter should be a joy for photography experts as the backdrop can do half of the work for them.


Their Pricing is Industry Standard

You should not have to compromise too much on a Hunter Valley wedding photographer when it comes to price. Whilst they will be an investment that won’t come cheap, given their portraits and digital copies that will be produced per the catalogue, there should be industry standard quoting issued for clients in these settings. If they are expensive, there will need to be justification for their process.


They Produce The Goods

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There is only one true gauge that can determine how well you have selected a Hunter Valley wedding photographer and that, unfortunately, requires a strong degree of hindsight. The end product is really all that matters in the final scheme of things as families and friends consume the imagery in portraits and on social media. If these snapshots paint a happy, luxurious and idyllic picture for those participants, then that is the ideal scenario for clients of any description. Even if there are some struggles with communication, pricing and a lack of flexibility, it will be the photos that last well beyond those reservations. That is the ultimate litmus test and the only one that truly matters.



The good news is for couples who are searching for that perfect Hunter Valley wedding photographer is that there are far more professionals who uphold industry standards than those who fall short of them. With online reviews and ratings available to compliment personal references, brides and grooms should be able to locate a practitioner who gets the job done and done well.


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