Plumbing problems in Wellington-
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Plumbing problems in Wellington?

Leaky taps? Blocked drains? Smelly sewers? They are just some of the reasons you might need a plumber in the Wellington region.

Here’s six quick tips that will ensure you get the right plumber for the right job and get them at the right price.

1. Guaranteed response time-

Sure, if your plumber in Wellington is any good, they are probably busy. But most of us are pretty busy too. And at some point or another we have all felt the frustration of sitting around waiting for a tradesperson to show up when we have taken time off work or out of our day to meet them at a designated time. Be sure your plumber in Wellington gives you a guaranteed response time and hold them to it for a discount on your services if they don’t stick to it.

2. Obligation free quote-

Do you know exactly what you need done? But aren’t quite sure how much it is going to cost? You’d be silly not to ring around for the best quote, but ensure that if you receive a quote, whether it is over the phone or involves your plumber in Wellington coming on site, that it is for free, and that you are under no obligation to proceed with the work upon receipt of pricing.

3. Price per job, not per hour-

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Plumbing jobs can be tricky and often plumbers in Wellington will strike unforeseen trouble in the course of their work. For this reason, it is wise to get a price for the job rather than have your plumber in Wellington working on an hourly rate. The benefit of this is that you know what you are up for upfront, and have the plumber in Wellington out of your way, and your services back up and running if the job goes smoothly. Or alternatively, you aren’t going to be in a panic trying to scrape up the money for a job that drags on due to a series of incidental hold ups.

4. Removal of old hardware and fittings off site-

Old pipes, tapware, fittings, and hot water services are not only unsightly and dangerous to have around your yard, but they can be expensive to have carted away, especially if you don’t have access to a trailer or utility vehicle. Be sure that the removal of such items is included in your price.

Some hot water services can have value as scrap metal so be sure to discuss the trade in value of this item if you are having a hot water system replaced.

5. Qualified for asbestos removal-

A lot of older buildings will have asbestos board cladding which may need to be cut through or removed for the installation of services. So too do many older houses have asbestos waste buried in the ground on site which can be exposed once digging and earth moving commences. Further to this, it was common practice to duct hot water pipes with asbestos fibre in order to insulate it. This can be very brittle and become very hazardous once old pipes are removed. Be sure your plumber in Wellington is qualified to remove asbestos or has access to a licensed asbestos removal contractor before they commence any of this kind of work.

6. Full insurance cover-

When crawling around in roof spaces or digging in ground you are unfamiliar with, mishaps can happen. These can be anything from small patching jobs to rooves or walls or can be larger issues like your home being without services for a number of hours which may require additional assistance from tradespeople. Whilst your plumber in Wellington will obviously endeavor to avoid such scenarios, accidents do happen, and when they do, you need to be sure your plumber in Wellington is fully covered for such repairs and incidentals.

Keep these tips in mind and you will be on the right path to choosing the right plumber in Wellington.

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