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How to Choose the Right Divorce Lawyer in Sydney

Divorce and family conflict can be extremely stressful for all parties involved. Often people find themselves in the midst of the highly confusing and frustrating court and legal system. Unfortunately in many instances the stress of getting separated in the first place can be exacerbated by poor or misinformed legal advice. Choosing the leading divorce solicitor in Sydney is therefore an extremely important decision, it can completely change your experience and outcome. Let’s take a look at some things you should consider when looking for a divorce lawyer in Sydney.

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Ask for a referral

Occupations such as psychologists, councilors and other legal professionals deal with family solicitors on a regular basis. They can thus be a good source of referral as they will be aware of certain divorce lawyers in Sydney who can provide the best services for your needs. Solicitors and legal professionals in particular will be aware of the reputation of other solicitors, even if they are involved in different fields. Consider asking friends who may have been involved in the legal process or have some experience, for referrals or recommendations.


Identify your budget

Before selecting a divorce solicitor in Sydney it is important you have identified how much money you can and are willing to spend. Legal services can vary widely in price; it is thus a good idea to get an idea of how much some services are charging and how much you have to spend. This saves you from wasting any time speaking to solicitor’s way beyond your price range.

Most divorce solicitors in Sydney charge an hourly rate. Before you begin your legal battle, get an idea of how much time you will require a solicitor for. This can be difficult to predict due to the unique nature of each case, but a rough idea will help to give you a ball park budget.


Be realistic

The separation process requires a large amount of compromise no matter how good your case or legal team is. It is thus important to be realistic about your planned outcomes and the results you expect to get. When choosing a divorce lawyer in Sydney be aware that they have been hired to provide legal aid and advice not to be your psychologist. Be realistic about their role, they should not be used to vent frustration or anger to.


Look for personality compatibility

Due to the personal nature of the separation process, it is important that you can feel comfortable and at ease when talking to your solicitor. Considering the fact you will most likely be sharing intimate details about your personal life with your solicitor, you must be sure that you feel a sense of trust.



Look at their experience

When looking for a divorce solicitor in Sydney, there is no point simply choosing the first solicitor you see that suits your budget. Rather, you should look at whether or not a solicitor has certain experiences or skills that will be able to give you the best chance of getting your desired outcome. For instance, if you believe you will be going to trial, you should look for solicitors with courtroom experience. However, if you think you can resolve the conflict more amicably, it is important to find a solicitor who is a good problem solver and has training in alternative dispute resolution.

When choosing a divorce lawyer in Sydney it is also important to consider who your solicitor knows. If they are very family with family law judges or magistrates in your jurisdiction, then you will have a significant advantage. They will be able to use their past experiences with certain individuals to inform how they strategize and prepare for our case.



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