How MYOB Advanced Is The ERP Solution For A Post-COVID World
Jan 3 2022 0

How MYOB Advanced Is The ERP Solution For A Post-COVID World

There are a number of businesses around the world that have espoused the utility and overall efficacy of products like MYOB Advanced in the past. The software is remarkably powerful and is to businesses, what Adobe is for graphic artists. It is the gold standard, and the most continuously evolving program serving businesses across the industries.

There is a good reason to be so confident in the ability and effectiveness of MYOB Advanced for a post-COVID world, not only for helping fledgling businesses get back on their feet, but also in the incredible features that reside in the program. It is within these features of MYOB Advanced, seemingly tailor made for the modern workplace, that will inevitably expand its appeal in 2022 and beyond.

Like anything worthwhile, it is not the cheapest tool around, however, you certainly get what you pay for with MYOB Advanced. This article will go over the humdrum features and some of the more incredibly COVID-Friendly features that has everyone excited to get back to work and to reduce the unnecessary stresses of re-opening a business or starting a new one.

Everything You Need

Let’s go over just a few of the impressive features that exist in MYOB Advanced and try to understand what makes this asset so uniquely appealing for business owners across the board. While it may not simply be the sum of its parts, the seamless integration and user interface is where the program really begins to shine.

Payroll management, distribution management, financial management protocols are inbuilt and very intuitive and customisable which lends itself greatly to a variety of different industries and requirements. This scalable customisation is also present in some additional features that can manifest a greater result if used properly.

The streamlining of various departmental responsibilities on MYOB Advanced is a saving grace for smaller business owners who don’t have the funds to employ specialists for each department and end up taking on multiple roles. This improvement in productivity is one aspect, couple that with the streamlining and natural integration and you have an effective tool for employers with a lot of personnel and a small business owner alike.

The ‘Modern’ Workplace

MYOB advanced

So, how does MYOB Advanced make the modern workplace a little more effective. It’s in the little things. First let’s look at the lay of the land for the future of workplaces post-COVID.

There will be a lot of fracturing of the traditional workplace, as only a very small faction of businesses has gone back to full-time in-house hours. This means, a lot of workers will be working remotely or out of the office part-time – this goes across most industries that don’t have a physical parameter attached to their day-to-day.

MYOB Advanced counteracts this issue with the cloud ERP that everyone was waiting for. Saying goodbye to the rigidity of local programming, MYOB Advanced has stepped into the cloud world with a remarkably astute setup and model that has allowed fast, effective, and most importantly, secure access to vital business data that can facilitate a smooth and uncompromised office, even if everyone is working remotely.


There is so much to unpack with MYOB Advanced that it’s quite impossible to fit it all on one article. The sheer complexities that have been boiled down to streamlined, easily understood, and easily customisable features has to be seen to be believed.

Fittingly suitable for businesses and industries of any size and scope, the general ease of integration and cloud-based functionality makes MYOB Advanced, the perfect ERP for a post-COVID world.

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