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From Colourful Bazaar To The Finest Rug Store

The best rugs capture the mystique of the middle eastern bazaar or the romance of the oriental market and can be found at the finest rug store available in your locality. Entering a reputable rug store is often like walking into an Aladdin’s cave of woven treasures and it is easy to be overwhelmed by the range and types of carpets to choose from. But finding the perfect rug to light up your living room or quality runner to complement your hallway is not as difficult as you might think.

How do You Choose the Right Rug for You?

Finding the most suitable rug at an affordable price means locating a reputable rug store dealer, checking their online catalogue, then going into the shop to actually feel the texture and quality of the carpet, and view the attractiveness of the design of the rug you desire. Online catalogues can only show an image that does not do justice to the rug itself, and with the high turnover of imported hand-woven rugs and manufactured carpets, websites rarely show the full current range. Quality rugs are a big business.

That Persian carpet or Turkish rug with the most delicate patterns and the highest quality craftsmanship can be the final complement to your home that speaks of extravagant and eclectic taste and style. So choose your rug carefully, and find the right rug store that offers a number of suitable selections.

The Best Rug Store with the Biggest Range

Rugs can range in price from the ten-thousand-dollar hand-woven extravaganza to a several hundred dollar manufactured stylish carpet and the best rug store will house both types. Of course, there are specialist rug store owners that deal only in hand-woven carpets but often these high-end dealers have a smaller range and add additional costs to locate specific imported carpets for a select market.

That doesn’t mean you won’t find high quality craftsmanship at your local rug emporium and more often than not, what attracts you to a rug is not just based on reputation or where the carpet is imported from. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and when you choose your perfect rug trust the feeling it gives you when you view the pattern or run your hand over the texture.

Preferencing Texture Over Design

The highest quality rugs are generally made from wool or a combination of wool and silk. Silk gives that lustrous shine to those magnificent Persian rugs you sometimes see in luxury buildings or high-class hotels. Rugs can also be made of cotton, or animal hide and sheepskin, or for a less expensive alternative, from synthetic fibre.

Occasionally you will find a rug with a texture that calls to you, but you are not quite taken by the design or pattern. Instead of sacrificing attractiveness of design for the pleasure of touch, pause for a moment and keep looking. Even if it means finding another rug dealer or waiting a few weeks. Finding the perfect rug might take a little more time than the public is used to in these times of instant gratification. But it is often worth the wait when your favourite rug store finally brings in a classic carpet that appeals to both your taste in texture and eye for design.

Placement Preferences for Your Rug

Customers at a rug store also need to take into consideration where the rug will be placed in their home. Even if the rug perfectly appeals to you, size considerations might not make it practical to purchase the rug. And once again, the material the rug is made from will determine whether it is suitable for high usage such as in a recreation or lounge room, or occasional usage in a little used hallway exit or sitting room. Wool and cotton are the most durable while silk rugs should be placed in a part of the house that is not so frequented.

Choosing the most suitable rug for your home starts with finding a rug store or rug dealer you and trust. Reputation and range are the two qualities to look for when purchasing that magnificent carpet. Finding your perfect rug can be an exciting prospect and there is a rug store available to cater to your taste, style and budget.

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