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Apr 2 2018 0

Five reasons to hire farm machinery

This article is going to explore five reasons to hire farm machinery. Farm owners and workers, as well as those who work in agriculture, will need powerful and heavy machinery throughout the year. This may be to help move crushed rock, to help excavate, to plough, to easily spread manure and fertiliser as well as much more. While, without a doubt, farms cannot run without their human workers, things can be made much easier with the help of equipment and machinery. As it is so important to save as much time as possible when running a business, it is wise to look into as many time-saving methods as possible. What many farmers find is that hiring equipment is the perfect way to not only save time but to also help with a number of other things. So, without further ado, here is a list of five of these reasons why it is beneficial to hire farm machinery.

1. Maintenance doesn’t have to be performed
A great benefit of hiring instead of purchasing is that maintenance doesn’t have to be performed. Repairing and maintaining items can take up precious time throughout the year that can otherwise be spent on other important things. There are many different things that need to be done on a farm ranging from rising early to feed and take care of animals, ensuring that stock is stored correctly, paying bills and so much more. With so much going on, saving as much time as possible is crucial. Furthermore, money can be saved as it doesn’t have to be spent on products such as oils that are used to maintain equipment. Similarly, when owning items, they will have to be repaired or replaced when they break. None of this has to be worried about when opting to hire farm machinery.

2. Equipment doesn’t have to be stored
There are several different types of equipment that needs to be used throughout the year on a farm. A lot of space would be needed to store all of this equipment. Storage containers, sheds, and bays can be quite expensive so not having to physically store equipment is a great way to save money, building material and space. Instead, any needed items can be hired for the amount of required time only.

3. Hay bales can be taken care of more efficiently
When hay needs to be rolled into bales and stored or shipped elsewhere, this can be a massive job that takes a huge team of people to complete. This job can be made more efficient by hiring machinery such as a hay baler. A baler compresses and cuts a crop such as hay (but could also be something like cotton) into a compact bale. This then makes it easier to transport and store or sell. A baler may only need to be used a few times a year, so it can be a wise move to rent instead of purchase.

4. Crops can be taken care of more efficiently
There are many different types of agricultural equipment out there that can help take care of crops more efficiently. As mentioned above, time is precious for any business, especially when running a farm. Finding any way possible to take care of crops more quickly is key to running a great business. Again, such equipment is quite large, so it can be hard to find somewhere to store it if purchased instead of hired. Hiring harvesting equipment can also be a more cost-effective choice than purchasing outright.

5. Manure and fertiliser can be spread more easily
Finally, another benefit of hiring is that manure and fertiliser can be spread easily. Sprayers make light work of spraying fertiliser across crops and spreaders can easily spread manure across crops. This will not only save time but will also help get rid of any excess waste produced by animals on the farm.
As it can be seen, there are many benefits to hiring instead of purchasing. Time, money and space can be saved while helping make things run more smoothly on a farm.