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Everything You Need to Include on Your Engagement Party Invitations

There are many milestones in a relationship, one of which is of course, the proposal! When you’re swept up in the moment and feeling as though you’ve fallen in love all over again, it can be easy to forget that it is not just a magical moment for you and your now fiancé, but also for your loved ones. The people that have watched your relationship grow and blossom want to share this special time with you, which is why throwing a get together, is a great idea. So, to make sure everyone turns up to the event, here is everything you need to include on your engagement party invitations.


The Introduction:

The first thing you need to make sure is on your engagement party invitations is a short introduction. Although you know you’ll soon be getting married, and most of your close friends and family will too- but those who don’t use social media or you haven’t seen in a while may not. This is why it is so important to inform your guests who the party is for, when the proposal happened and lastly request that they come to your event. This paragraph can be short or long, and can be a standard phrase or be something slightly more poetic or personal. It’s your event and it really is up to you. The main thing is just making sure that everyone knows who the party is being hosted by and the purpose of the event.


The Where and When:

A celebration is not a celebration without guests, so possibly the most important thing to include on your engagement party invites is the date, time and location of the event. The date and time of the gathering should be clear and prominent on your engagement party invitations, so guests know when it is taking place. Furthermore, this will also allow everyone to save the date and make sure they are available and can attend. Knowing the date and time is a good start, but not very helpful if your guests don’t know where they are going. So be sure to include the location by putting down the full address. For people that don’t know the area, make it easy for them to type the address into their satnav or phone by writing down the name of the venue alongside the complete address (including postcode).


The Response:

Throwing any kind of party can be stressful for the host, the stress can, however, be lessened by knowing how many people are attending. For this reason, getting your guests to respond to say they can either come, or not come, can make your life much easier. If you want your guests to respond, it is important to give details regarding how you would like them to RSVP; whether this should be via phone or email. In this section of the engagement party invitation, you can also put an RSVP deadline so you know with plenty of time how many people will be attending the event.

Although throwing any form of get together can be intimidating, with correct preparation it can be incredibly rewarding, and a lot of fun. The first step to planning any sort of event really does begin with well laid out and informative engagement party invitations. As long as you have included these three main things, you can’t go wrong, and the rest is really up to you. Don’t shy away from using colour, patterns and textures to make your engagement party invitations beautiful as well as informative.

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