custom stockyards
Oct 12 2021 0

Custom Stockyards Meet Your Requirements

Whether it’s a hundred head of cattle you need to take to market, or a fifty flock of sheep to be shorn, custom stockyards are built to cater for your specific livestock purposes. These temporary holding pens are made from the strongest steel and their portable reliability meets every Australian livestock standard. The fact that custom stockyards are preferentially designed means that they are perfect for your farm, perfect for your breed, and will make that yearly muster, or that vaccination protocol, or that animal husbandry contract that much easier.

Why Choose a Custom Designed Stockyard?

Stock handling is different for every situation and livestock enterprise. Because of the unique aspects of either herding cattle, or shearing sheep, or slaughtering swine, or taking purebred horses to market, custom stockyards need to be specifically built. Custom designing stockyards ensures easier handling of stock, fewer animal injuries, less chance of handler injuries, reduced labor costs, and ultimately higher profit per head of livestock.

Although custom stockyards are built to temporarily enclose transient livestock, their infrastructure remains stable and are more often than not built upon older structures to keep up with a farming enterprise’s expansion. The livestock farming industry has a centuries-old history in Australia and it is not often practical to tear down older usable stockyards and replace them with newer holding pens. It is even more profitable and practical to build upon older structures to cater to more livestock, new breeds, and new technologies. Expert knowledge is required to make custom stockyards for top performance.

The Best Custom Stockyards are Built By Farmers

To ensure custom stockyards are made to the highest standard with genuine knowledge and applicability, it is best to buy holding pens that have been created and tested by true blue farmers themselves. The top stockyard builders are all experienced cattle or sheep station owners, horse breeders, or pig farmers who have the know-how and practical hands-on understanding of how to custom build a stockyard that makes the grade. So, always choose the most reputable stockyard firm even if it costs you a little more.

The Basic Equipment of Custom Stockyards

Sheep in yard

Apart from the steel railings, gates, ramps, and fences that contain the cattle or other livestock, custom stockyards should include crushes to contain individual cattle or sheep, or horse or swine, for purposes such as vaccination or valuation. The manways and ramps that lead into the holding pen should allow for easy access and easy handling of livestock. Placement of entries and exits should also take into account trucks that take the stock to market. Custom stockyards are really quite complex pieces of infrastructure if you want your farming enterprise to turn a tidy profit.

Of course, depending on the type of livestock a farmer is breeding, custom stockyards need to be built sturdy and strong to adapt to size and temperament of huge cattle such as the Chianina, or the feisty Merino sheep, or through-bred horse breeds that are yet to be broken in.

A custom-built stockyard is far more preferential than a standard process manufactured stockyard and will last for decades and meet every upgrade your farming venture goes through.

Custom Stockyards are the Designs of Future Farming

With a combined livestock industry worth around $30 billion per year in Australia, and nearly 40, 000 livestock farms, custom stockyards will soon become the standard for every farmer worth his grain of salt. Custom stockyards are made to suit every specific need of every type of livestock farmer, and choosing this type of high quality holding pen is not only logical, it is necessary.